Who’s ready for some new music?

Hey folks, if you’re like me then you’re always on the lookout for a new album to sink yourself into. Well, that’s how I am at least. I get hooked on an album and I listen to it incessantly. Currently, I’m indulging in Hozier’s crooning, nearly haunting, lullabies featured in his first self-titled album. (The Irishman is definitely worth listening to. Check out this review by Liz Breed. Your ears will thank us.)

But maybe Hozier isn’t your type of music. It’s okay. I’ve got your back. Check out these albums that have released this week:

“Four” – One Direction

(photo from iTunes)
(photo from iTunes)

If you couldn’t guess, this is One Direction’s fourth album, and is already topping the charts on iTunes.
The album is full of pop hits and a few ballads. Although the guys have changed dramatically since their first album, (how many tatoos do they have collectively now?), their sound remains the same.
So if you like pop and boy bands, you won’t be disappointed. Some of the songs are really catchy.

“Nothing Has Changed” – David Bowie

(photo from nme.com)
(photo from nme.com)

This album has a lot of Bowie’s original hits remasters and remixed.
If you’re a fan of Ziggy Stardust, you’ll enjoy this collection.
Plus, for $20, you get 59 songs. That’s a pretty great deal.

“The Art of McCartney” – Various Artists

(photo from theartofmccartney.com)
(photo from theartofmccartney.com)

People, people, people!
Look now further for maybe one of the greatest tribute albums ever made.
I know, you think I might be exaggerating, but this album kicks off with Billy Joel singing “Maybe I’m Amazed,” on just the first disc. Yes. You read that right. There are TWO discs.  Joel also sings “Live and Let Die” to kick off the second disc.
But that’s not all. Willie Nelson covers the song of a generation, “Yesterday.”
Steve Miller sings “Hey Jude.”
Alice Cooper covers “Eleanor Rigby.”
There are so many great covers on this album.

“No Fixed Address” – Nickelback

(photo from axs.com)
(photo from axs.com)

This is the band’s first album since 2011.
I don’t remember too many big hits from that last album, but this once seems to have taken off quite well.
It’s a bit different from their old sound. More rock ‘n’ roll, less slow rock.

“Prizefighter: Hit After Hit” – Trish Yearwood

(photo from tasteofcountry.com)
(photo from tasteofcountry.com)

This is the first album from Yearwood since 2007’s “Heaven Heartache and the Power of Love.”
This record features several of her greatest hits plus six new songs too.
Those are just a few of the albums that have released this week. There’s always new music coming out.
We’ll see what’s new next week.